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2023 Rose Window Gala

Venue change alert. The Gala will be moving indoors to the Briscoe Museum.

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Make one of the most important decisions in San Antonio history.

And by the way, it’s not only important to San Antonio. It’s important to Texas.
To the United States. And to the World.

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History is not gone.

In fact, it’s still going on—at the churches of the Missions. If only the ancient walls of the mission could talk! They’d tell you that, here, the past is still very much present
and very much alive.

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For more information on how to support, restore, and preserve the missions. learn more


Your decision to support the restoration and preservation our city’s most historic and venerable treasures is important. Because the missions are important. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

In 2015, they were recognized and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s the first and only one in Texas. And there are a mere handful of others in the whole USA. In fact, the missions are now in the world-class company of iconic landmarks like the Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, and the Taj Mahal of India.

Without the missions, the historic city we love and live in today would likely not exist. The missions were the guardians and stewards of civilization in our earliest times. The missions oversaw not just spirituality and religion, but agriculture, food and water, security, culture and traditions, health, education, science, the arts, architecture, construction, and technology. Think about it. These are the reasons why human beings choose to live together. Today, the missions stand proudly, reminding us that we are still together for the same reasons.

Yes, our missions are precious, irreplaceable treasures. They should be cared for accordingly. We hope you’ll decide to be an important part of this heartfelt effort.

For more information on how to support, restore, and preserve the churches of the missions.
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