Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

We are pleased and grateful for the success of our Capital Campaign in 2010. Our generous donors and benefactors helped us reach our goal of $15.5 million dollars in record time.

But the serving and the preserving can never rest. Here’s why:

Any responsible building owner knows that as the infrastructure of a building ages, it’s important to stay on top of upkeep and maintenance. And that’s rarely an inexpensive proposition. Especially because costs of materials and labor are constantly on the rise.

So if that’s what it takes for a relatively modern building—just imagine what the demands are for structures that date back hundreds of years—like the Mission churches. Plus, there’s the added need for specialized restoration experts who are skilled and knowledgeable about how to work with materials that are not necessarily in common usage in our modern times. And who know how to merge them–gently, seamlessly, respectfully—with the technological advances of today.

The good news is that, with the funds raised by the Capital Campaign, we have taken care of the immediate, urgent—even critical—needs of each of the mission churches. But there are still many jobs left to do. And so we ask you to help us build up our strong Permanent Fund, which is housed in the Catholic Community Foundation. It will provide for the ongoing care of our four mission churches. And ensure that they continue to maintain their stately—and important—place in history.

There are four pages on this website that are devoted to the individual history and current preservation and restoration needs of each mission. We invite you to read them and learn more about the missions—and see examples of how a gift might be put to use.