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History is not gone.

History is not gone. In fact, it’s still going on—at the churches of the Missions.

If only the ancient walls of the mission could talk!
They’d tell you that, here, the past is still very much present—
and very much alive.

The Spanish Missions have always served and preserved their congregations, their traditions, and their faith. And they have been doing this ever since they were founded in the 1700s. You see, the churches of the Missions are more than a part of a National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They are also the beating hearts and
grace-filled souls of four active Catholic parishes that are part of the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

They are—literally—living history.

In all the centuries since the churches of the missions were first built—Masses have continued to be celebrated. The sacraments have been dispensed. Faithful parishioners—and visitors—have gathered for parish and cultural activities. And generation after generation of lives have been blessed.

With the help and support of those who cherish these historical treasures—all this will continue in the centuries to come. We invite you to explore this website and find out how you can be part of this historic effort. You don’t need to be a parishioner, a Catholic, or even from San Antonio. All you need to be is someone who cares about the past—and understands how important and meaningful it is to the future.

Click the link below to find out more information on how to support, restore, and preserve the churches of the missions
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